About Orbit

Orbit guides large-scale strategic, operations, and technology transformations, major organization change efforts, creative cost initiatives, and growth programs. We enroll and enable the organization from top to bottom to lead, design, enact, and execute.

Over the last 25+ years, Orbit has guided 5 major initiatives at Nike, plus many smaller efforts. Other clients include start-ups, mid-sized firms, and Fortune 500 companies:

~ Apple
~ Chevron
~ Icebreaker NZ
~ Mylan Pharmaceuticals
~ United Healthcare
~ Walmart.com

  • Possibilists.  We live in an era when any future state is possible. Our shared ability to generatively envision and execute to new futures is constrained only by attitudes and self-imposed limitations. We see opportunities for breakthroughs all around us.
  • Comprehensivists.  We live in an era of complexity. Ideas are more powerful in the context of the whole, not shrunk to its reductive parts in a false attempt to tell tales of speed. We cultivate “whole parts systems thinking” to create competence, capability and ultimately, velocity.
  • Humanists.  We live in an environment where the full person must be engaged. Respect, positivity, connectivity, trust, and coaching in the service of achieving human potential are the keys to performance. Everyone can be creative and innovative.
  • Integrity.  We live fast-paced, stressful lives that detract from our inner strength – our ability to face facts, make difficult choices, search for creative options, and connect with others to solve tough problems. Excellence is our North Star.
  • We work on the strategically important. We tackle your most challenging issues, sorting through strategic, operational, technology, and organization issues. We should create value in the millions and billions.
  • We are more economical. Outside services are expensive. We work on the right things the right way, by leveraging and developing your people to deliver effectively and efficiently. In our mix of work, breakthrough performance in quality and speed occur with regularity.
  • We elevate your people. The development of your people is a gift that keeps giving. Even decades after projects end, team members regularly email me to say: “Remember that ___? I learned that from you, and that helped me the other week.” There is no greater praise.
  • We work with the highest professional integrity.  If we don’t think you should do it, we do not acquiesce. We are not afraid to deliver tough news. We do the right thing, the enduring, although lost, definition of professional services.
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